Q1: Kendo looks hard, would I be able to keep up?

Don’t worry, our instructors will adjust their teaching to your level of kendo.

Q2 Can children do Kendo? What about the elderly?

Yes! Kendo can be taken on by anyone of any age. Whether young or old, Kendo can provide

valuable life strategies while improving health and mental concentration. Students have started

as early as 7 years old or as late as 65 years old and everywhere in between. Both very young

and “senior” beginners should modify their expectations to the reality of their individual ability.

Q3: Is Kendo painful or dangerous?

We wear protective amour and the target areas are well protected. We are trained to strike only

the protected areas and importantly, only with the appropriate amount of strength. We do warm

up (stretching, etc.) at the beginning and end of lessons to prevent injury. Safety is our most

important priority in Kendo.

Q4: Do beginners need to wear Kendo outfit(gi & hakama) and provide their own Bamboo bamboo sword (shinai)??

​At the beginning of this class, you may wear any comfortable set of clothes, although pants no

longer than knee-length are preferred for safety reasons. A bamboo sword (shinai) will also be

provided. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you begin wearing Kendo Gi and Hakama, and

provide your own shinai after two lessons. We are able to sell you a set of Kendo Gi, Hakama,

and shinai with shinai bag at a non-profit price of RM320.

Q5:  What are the initial costs for joining this kendo class

For our course fees, adults are RM120 and Student are RM75, we are provide 1 week 2 days training curently, and we will free a kendo club member fees for a year, and you also can join a free trial for 1 lesson.

Q6: When can beginners begining to wear Kendo armour (bogu)?

Beginners in Kendo must first establish a foundation in the basic forms, footwork and body

movement prior to wearing armour (bogu), for safety reasons. The instructors will then decide if

a student is ready to wear Kendo bogu. However, it is still necessary for a practitioner to pass a

kendo grading for 7 th Kyu, to join events and competitions (that require bogu) outside of this


Q7: How much does it cost to purchase Kendo armour ?

The price of Kendo bogu typically starts around RM1350, and each set may last between 5 to 20

years. Although the cost of Kendo bogu is becoming cheaper over time, these are usually

manufactured overseas, and thus, come with a high cost of delivery. Bogu may also cost

(significantly) more than this estimate, depending on the customizations made to each set and the

quality of the materials used. It is recommended that beginners purchase bogu that is durable and

comfortable, but take note that these are attributes that do not always correlate with price – feel

free to discuss this with your instructors.

Q8: Do I need to speak Japanese to do Kendo? what is the language being use in the class ?

​Although the terms, equipment names and commands used in Kendo are in Japanese, the

teaching is generally performed using a combination of English, Chinese (Mandarin and

Cantonese) and Bahasa Malaysia, as is the normal in Malaysia.

Q9: Are there competitions or tournaments for Kendo?

Yes! Every year there are approximately 3-7 tournaments (also known as Taikai) held by

 the Malaysian Kendo Association (MKA) or other related parties.parties.

Q10: Are there any kendo grading avalaible in malaysia?

.Yes! The MKA holdsthree gradings every year in Malaysia, typically in January, May and September. Students will be encouraged to join these gradings when they are deemed ready.